07 Sep 2018

MEF – WURTH group – has acquired Coime

Wurth group is a world leading wholesaler of assembly and fastening material.

The group has over 400 companies in 80 countries with €12B of turnover.

The Electrical Dstribution Business Unit (€1,4B turnover) includes products and systems for electrical installation, industrial automation, wiring, data and networking technology, lighting, appliances and multimedia, electrical heating and power generation.

MEF is the largest electrical distribution company in Wurth Group, acquired in 2015 and currently run by Giuffreda family; the company is involved in electrical distribution business in various regions throughout Central Italy and in the development plans of Wurth, MEF has the role of platform company for further adds-on in Italy.

Coime, headquartered in Formigine, is a wholesaler of electrical material and furnishing for mechanical engineering and ceramic industry; it sells its products mainly in Modena and Reggio Emilia province (4 shops). The company is run by Zuccarini family

Coime, therefore, besides being highly matching from a cultural and strategic point of view, is complementary about the focus and importance to customers, the marketing mix, the geographical presence, and mainly for the strong focus on industrial automation; MEF, on the other hand, embodies the features of a key partner for further development of Coime and its market shares consolidation. The Group’s growth strategy includes further adds-on in Italy, mainly in Northern regions. Cavour, as long-standing advisor of Wurth has advised the Group both in MEF acquisition and in this acquisition and is still searching for potential targets mainly in North-Western and North-Eastern regions.